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Thank you and goodbye, LP!
  barbieman, Jul 26 2013

This is my goodbye to poker and LP.

I already quit 2 months ago and I just wanted to thank this community for playing a major roll in my 3 year professional poker career. In the process making me a nice chunk of money . I would be nowhere pokerwise without you guys <3.
For the last 18 months I've been bored whenever I've played, often feeling down even when I've ran OK/good. A really bad run of variance put me over the edge, and I'm thankful for it. Emotionally forcing me to chose another path. Which has literally unpaused my life, I've made up my mind to educate myself and hopefully I'll be able to eventually better this world and the life of the people living in it. Something that I've discovered to be the key for long lasting happiness, at least for me. Poker made me feel secluded and somewhat of a tangent in this world. Not a part of it, not contributing, merely existing in it. Life is short and happiness is the only thing that matters, wherever you find it. Being a part of humanity and bettering other peoples' life is what it's all about.

This is a simplified and compressed goodbye note but I still wanted to say thank you and goodbye to all of you guys. You've made all the difference to my poker life. Quitting poker and starting a new chapter in my life has made me feel better than I've felt in a long time. I wish for all the happiness for you guys. Whatever you do, I hope you lead a happy life and in the process can make other people happy and overall leave a positive imprint.

I've left €40 on my pstars acc to play if I feel like it, so some of you micro stakes guys might see me on the tables. I might even check in on LP now and then. See you later and gl, Liquid Poker! =)

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[H] learnedfromtv videos
  barbieman, Oct 04 2012

I'm trying to get a hold of some videos by learnedfromtv that are on pokersavvy. Problem is, they seem to have a VIP system which means you have to sign up to poker sites through them and pay rake to pay for the subscription. Not actually paying the subscription directly.

So if somebody has videos from learnedfromtv lying around or a subscription to pokersavvy, please send me a pm and we can work something out. I'm looking for the poker series "PLO fundamentals" in particular.

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  barbieman, Oct 03 2012

Sup guys

I want to get a hold of a few videos on pokersavvy, but the only option seems to be to sign up to poker sites through them, and pay the subscription by paying rake. Which is not an option. So if anyone has an account there I'd really appreciate if we could work something out.

option b would be if somebody has an account on and is willing to help me out. it costs $5 to sign up, but the process is a pain in the ass, so if someone would just borrow me their account I'd send them $10 on stars.

Going to sleep now, drop me a pm if you can help me out. It would be much appreciated.

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